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Fate posted Feb 24 at 5:01 pm
Hello guys, Fate here. Been awhile since I've been through here and man am I surprised by the changes, honestly it took me awhile just to figure out this new forum lol. I have to say while this new forum looks a lot better (visually) than the last, I can definately say I liked the user interface of the last one a lot better (It's a forum, not Facebook lol) but that's just my opinion. All things a
recent by admin  ·  Feb 28 at 2:19 pm
simobg posted Jan 14 at 11:25 am
Please add again old server with old accounts.
Too much players want to play again Talisman of World with golden/dark golden/sky blue/jade green/plat items and bosses Hypnos/Odin
we want old server back

QueenOfPain-tonightmare posted Dec 14 '16 at 8:59 am
Your title here...Hi there admin i'm Queen of pain from game , may name is Toni between , i talked whit ''asa'' about that you need guy like me to do graphic designs and stuff like this , but i didn't get answer. What all of the team think about me and about joining you guys :). I would be very happy about it i have little ideas about your Logo it need huge change its not professional tooled , i
recent by admin  ·  Dec 15 '16 at 3:28 am

My name is Creed and IGN is Trend , zHolyGunz, Creed. (if i am not wrong )haha
Am working in this game since so many years as backnteam. I m online pretty much within game with my alts char,..
and ofc am lazy too hahaha,..
Let me know if you have any problem within games or you can have me in support always happy to help you, whenever you need me <3
or you can cont
creed posted Nov 21 '16 at 12:57 pm
Greeting Players,
As we have know that developers always missed stuff on updates, so here you guys can discuss regarding those stuff about events, Updates or anything that related to game, that would make better gaming experience,.. Let them know what are they missing.

Cake posted Aug 31 '16 at 5:40 pm
Hello Would anyone be up for some forum events? Making events here would mean you'll be challenged more to do certain tasks Though the rewards of winning would be great and awesome. So if enough would be interested in this then please reply :-)

Suggestions for what kind of event would be fun and challenging?
Suggestions for what rewards you'd be pleased to receive(SERIOUS)?
recent by ILOVEZOOZO  ·  Sep 8 '16 at 10:54 am
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